Did T. rex pass through here

"Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org".Dinosaur Tracks - 2003-01-19
Dinosaur tracks north of Flagstaff. 

Tyrannosaurid Family to Human Comparison

The average man, 2 meters, comes up to Sue's thigh. She is the burgundy T. rex at about 12 meters long thats 40 feet.  And when standing up right she is about 5.6 meters high.


T. rex photo by Andrew Biggs, 

(c) 08.  If interested please contact.


The duck bill Maiasaura dinosaurs of the hadrosaurid  family, they are herbivor0us theropods, vegetarians. The video below is about one of the only dino mummy hadrosaurs ever found, who died in a scene very much like this one. You can see the full documentary series on youtube. Just plug in; "National Geographic Dinosaurs" and you'll find it. 


One of the best know horned dinosaurs. He lived towards the end of the cretaceous. The long brow horns measured 3 feet  (1m) long. The thick and deadly nose horn was useful in close quarter battle and had great penetrating force.  Triceratops with his chin down could thrust up at any moment while the just as deadly long horns distracted his advesary. Just one of the ways he could use his three horns in attack or defense. Pointed studs were set around the edge of the neck frill for protection and show. Skull fossils have been found with scarring. Which could indicate just as with todays horned mamals. Triceratops locked in battles with other Tricerotops over mating and territory.

Text and photo by Andrew Biggs, (c) 08

The Video Below

A Dinosaur short dedicated to these awe inspiring animals that left the remains of their exsitence behind for us to discover. An amazing finger print of the history of life on our planet. The study of this is called palaeontology as many may know. Quite a fascinating field to get into. 

Directed and edited by Andrew Biggs, filmed by; Andrew. B and Micheal Masionville.