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   On this page you will find a number of options to own true prehistoric treasures from the past in intresting complects. All prices include shipping and handling. Which may fluctuate slightly depending on your location. Overseas orders please contact for quote. For full details on ordering see the how to buy page. 

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 About This Specimen:   To find such a tooth and wound combination in the field is very rare. Alone this tyrannosaurid tooth is a great find. It is an incisor coming from the front of the carnosaur's mouth. So it was always on the front lines of action. Incisors are rare because there are less of them in the T. rex,  Albertosaurus mouth. This specimen is complete and saw a full life time of dino flesh tearing action. The ware on the tip is exceptional proof, and how it matches with the wound fragment inspires the imagination of bone crushing prehistoric times. Adding to this tooth's rarity is that after a solid tour of duty it went down its owners hatch along with the meal he was munching at the time.


In the picture of the complete T.rex skull you can clearly see the smaller incisors at the front. Incisors have double serrations unlike other teeth that fill the T.rex jaw which have singal serrations up the rear center from the tip. Such worn teeth as this one are prized by serious collectors


This may be one of the only times you see such a blast from the past combo up for sale. Don't miss your chance to own this museum quality piece, with photos, artwork, model and a story a nice display can be made with this combo. It should never be separated. They were found together on private land with permission and have been in my personal collection for the past 15 years. Before that they were together for millions of years, from the day the tooth became part of the meal. Separation will simply destroy this combo's historic value. There has been no restoration it is 100% as found. 


                               Helpful Info
Teeth are serrated. The number, depth and spacing of denticles are identification tools. If the tooth is not serrated, and does not appear worn, it is probably crocodile, fish or shark. Serrations, however, are often worn and not visible to the unaided eye. A finger rubbed over the edge may feel roughness and a microscope will reveal serration bases. Teeth are almost always recurved.  The amount of curvature depends on the type of dino and the placement in the jaw. An exception is in the Latest Cretaceous deposits in which 'straight' raptor teeth are found. Tooth serrations fade and run out before reaching the base of the tooth. If serrations are present at the base, the specimen is incomplete. It may be a tip only. Caution! That 'complete raptor tooth' for sale may be the tip of a tyrannosaurid tooth! Teeth with tips absent may be complete. Tips are often worn. Wear patterns appear as lighter or darker preservation on the tooth sides and distal (tip) end. What appears as 'half a tooth' may not be broken at all.  Worn teeth are prized by serious collectors; these worn teeth 'saw a lot of action'. Teeth have a glossy enamel outer layer. If enamel is absent, the tooth may have been self-digested and the enamel dissolved by dino stomach acid. Shed teeth often 'went down the hatch' with dinner and exited in droppings.  Size of teeth is deceiving. For example: A T. rex jaw may contain teeth 3 cm to 15 cm in length. Larger teeth are often found fragmented or fractured along the vertical axis. Reconstruction is often necessary ('Crazy Glue' is the tooth collector's best friend). Teeth are 'solid' whereas the skulls in which they grew are hollow or honeycombed and thus not readily preserved.


100% untouched, unrestored complete tooth. The tooth and wound specimen will be coming up for auction starting at $2000.00, Serious offers before hand may be considered. Please contact by email; mothersoul27@yahoo.ca   Thanks for looking.



Large Dinosaur Bone Fragment

Weighing 2 lbs a very nice piece of a large Sauropod bone, the big guys standing upright on four legs which is one of the majour differences between four legged dinosaurs and reptiles.


A very fine specimen showing inner and outer bone. A great piece that displays nicely to represent the giants in your fossil collection.

$125 includes shipping and handling to the Us and Canada.

Please contact for quote;    REF:   S1B


Hadrosaur Jaw Bone

Great specimen of battery groves from the Hadrosaur jaw. Hadrosaurs had hundreds of teeth in their  mouth at one time, even up to a thousand.


New teeth would push out the old worn ones, the grooves aligned them some what like the led Pencils we had in school. Where upon pushing a led in the back the worn one in the front would pop out. And a fresh led in line took its place.

$85 includes shipping and handling. 



Tyrannosaur tooth

In high demand, Tyrannosaurus facinates and fossils from this dinosaur king are high on many collectors lists. The family of tyrannosaurids ranged from T.rex, Albertosaurus,  Alioramus, Nanotyrannus, Daspletosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Alectrosaurus.

This cream coloured specimen has fine visable serrations. It's 100% as found no restoration.


A nice piece as is untouched. Or if you enjoy reconstructing it's  great as an active specimen in your collection to study and restore.

$350 includes shipping and handling, or make an offer.

REF:    T3S


Petrified Wood

Beautiful and rare jet black fossilized wood.


Great display piece in any fossil collection.

$65 includes shipping and handling.


 Smooth Dinosaur Bone

The outer side of the bone is tanned and smooth, a fine specimen to start or add to a fossil collection. 


               Hold the Boat 

I just noticed something that makes this specimen  unique and intresting for study. I've added photos to show and explain this rare characteristic after the two following photos.




Marrow on the inner side of the bone.

The Discovery

It could be that the dinosaur this bone belonged to suffered an injury. As you can see the missing fragment  reveals outer surface bone underneath marrow and outer surface bone. To the left some surface bone has collapsed. Hmm makes a good discussion piece.


The under surface continues through to the right side. So it seems a new surface has grown overtop. A way of healing a fracture or brake if that is the case. Well there were no Dino doctors back then, maybe, "life found a way" just as Dr Grant reflected in Jurassic Park

I already put this up, I may want to keep this piece, but I'm going to leave it for now. Maybe I'll auction it or if you want contact me with an offer.


Authentic Dinosaur Bone in Collecters Complect

This highly collectable set for dinosaur lovers of all ages is coming up for auction. It includes a fine specimen of dinosaur bone with visable marrow. A fun dinosaur magazine, limited edition now out of print. An official Jurassic Park Velociraptor collecters cup from Mcdonalds when the film was in theaters.


A nice tan, cream coloured dinosaur bone,  an end piece from a joint.  The smooth outer bone transitions to the marrow where the bone ends and is most likely from an adult. Also notice the two angular marks that are parallel on the smooth part. This may indicate a wound of some type.


Starting soon at $40, make an early offer.